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All Wheel Loaders

From high-lift to compact wheel loaders: we offer a broad range. Robust Volvo wheel loaders can be used in structural engineering, earthworks or landscaping work and in waste processing or recycling.

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Volvo Compact Wheel Loader L20h T4f 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 64.4(hp)
Op Weight – 9,877(lbs)
Bucket – .9(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 6,614(lbs)

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Volvo Compact Wheel Loader L25h T4f 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 64.4(hp)
Op Weight – 10,847(lbs)
Bucket – 1.1(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 7,496(lbs)

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Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L30g T4f 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 74(hp)
Op Weight – 12,125(lbs)
Bucket – 1.3(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 8,488(lbs)

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Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L35g T4f 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 74(hp)
Op Weight – 13,448(lbs)
Bucket – 1.6(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 9,590(lbs)

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Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L45h T4f Walkaround 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 100.5(hp)
Op Weight – 19,114(lbs)
Bucket – 1.83(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 11,662(lbs)

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Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L50h T4f Walkaround 1000x1000


Eng. Power – 116.7(hp)
Op Weight – 20,944(lbs)
Bucket – 2.1(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 12,676(lbs)

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Eng. Power – 164(hp)
Op Weight – 24,251-29,983(lbs)
Bucket – 2.1-6.5(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 16,530(lbs)
Transport Width – 7’9″(ft./in.)

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Eng. Power – 170(hp)
Op Weight – 27,556-34,172(lbs)
Bucket – 2.4-8.4(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 18,680(lbs)
Transport Width – 8’1″(ft./in.)

Download (PDF)


Eng. Power – 184(hp)
Op Weight – 31,968-38,140(lbs)
Bucket – 2.7-9.2(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 22,620(lbs)
Transport Width – 8’7″(ft./in.)

Download (PDF)


Eng. Power – 256(hp)
Op Weight – 39,680-45,635(lbs)
Bucket – 3.2-12.4(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 26,470(lbs)
Transport Width – 8’7″(ft./in.)

Download (PDF)


Eng. Power – 272(hp)
Op Weight – 45,645-47,620(lbs)
Bucket – 3.4-12.4(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 28,000(lbs)
Transport Width – 8’8″(ft./in.)

Download (PDF)


Eng. Power – 295(hp)
Op Weight – 53,130-56,440(lbs)
Bucket – 4.4-18.3(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 35,210(lbs)
Transport Width – 9’7″(ft./in.)

Download (PDF)


Eng. Power – 330(hp)
Op Weight – 59,525-62,610(lbs)
Bucket – 4.8-20.9(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 41,580(lbs)
Transport Width – 9’7″(ft./in.)

Download (PDF)


Eng. Power – 367(hp)
Op Weight – 68,780-72,970(lbs)
Bucket – 5.6-20.9(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 46,110(lbs)
Transport Width – 10’3″(ft./in.)

Download (PDF)


Eng. Power – 416(hp)
Op Weight – 74,957-85,980(lbs)
Bucket – 6.9-13.3(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 56,990(lbs)
Transport Width – 9’2″(ft./in.)

Download (PDF)


Eng. Power – 532(hp)
Op Weight – 110,231-123,459(lbs)
Bucket – 8.1-16.6(yd³)
Tip Load at Full Turn – 76,677(lbs)
Transport Width – 11’9″(ft./in.)

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AWARD WINNING: Highest Retained Value Award

For the sixth year in a row, Volvo CE products have received awards from EquipmentWatch.

EquipmentWatch, the leading data researcher in the heavy equipment industry, recognized Volvo machines in three different categories of wheel loaders and one category of articulated haulers. Volvo large wheel loadersmedium wheel loaders and articulated haulers each earned the Highest Retained Value award, while Volvo compact wheel loaders earned the Lowest Cost of Ownership award.

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Ascendum offers a large and diverse rental inventory of earthmoving equipment, recycling equipment and material handling equipment. Our rentals are available on a monthly and annual basis with competitive rates, making renting affordable for everyone. Our fleet age averages 3 years or newer so you can rest assured your equipment is maintained at the highest level.

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Our service network includes 6 branches across Austria, with workshops, rental stations, spare parts and over 60 mobile construction machinery technicians. Our highly trained technicians have the right parts on board and can carry out most maintenance and repair work on the spot, where you are.

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Our sales representatives are among the top rated in the industry, and it’s easy to see why. Each Account Manager is a well-trained veteran, having worked with a wide range of customers to find the right fit in quality attachments and equipment for every project. Guarantee the success of your project by giving us a call today.  Click the button below to find your local contact.

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Watch Volvo Electric Equipment Master Tough Tasks

Can electric machines really perform in harsh environments like the hot, sandy desert? Baltic Sands Inc. in Southern California is proving they can. Utilizing the new Volvo ECR25 electric excavator and L25 electric wheel loader has helped them reimagine what a future fleet of more sustainable equipment might look like — plus what new business opportunities are yet to be discovered. If you’re ready to unlock new opportunities for your business, reserve your Volvo electric machine today.