Machine Design Challenge

Design The Next Great Piece Of Construction Equipment!

How To Participate In the Machine Design Challenge

Ascendum Machinery is looking for the next great piece of construction equipment! The only limit is your creativity. Follow the instructions and submit your designs to have them showcased on Ascendum Machinery’s social media sites

 To Participate:

  • Print off the Design Page template by clicking picture that says “Design Template”. That will take you to a pdf of the Template.

  • Print off that pdf at home and use it to create your machine! The top space is for your drawing and design. The bottom section is a space for you to write about what your machine does and what makes it special. Let us know why your design is the next great innovation for the construction industry!

  • When you are ready to submit your design email it to 

  • Submissions may also be mailed directly to:

Ascendum Machinery Kids Challenge

9115 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 450,

Charlotte, NC 28269

Special Note to Parents, Guardians, & Grown-Ups:

Help us keep these kids safe by making sure that there is no identifiable information, such as the child’s name, age, or location on the designs submitted. Ascendum Machinery is aware of the dangers of publishing identifying information about children on the internet. As such, we will do our best to keep the submissions anonymous.  Any and all identifying information of the children will be edited out of submissions prior to posting online. 

If you wish for the child to receive any type of recognition for their work on the social media accounts, permission will need to be given in written form.  This permission can be included in the email for submissions at Recognition will be the child's first name, only, along with their age.  

Ascendum Machinery has the right to any and all submissions received for the Kids Challenge. 

Machine Design Challenge Template

Submission Information

Email your submissions to to have them displayed on Ascendum Machinery's Social Media accounts.

Submissions may also be mailed directly to Ascendum Machinery:

Ascendum Machinery Kids Challenge

9115 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 450,

Charlotte, NC 28269